Top – Best and Worst web hosting reviews of 2019 with coupons

When you do what I do which is dealing with hosting companies on a daily basis, you come to love a few and hate many. Talking about web hosting companies is like opening a can of worms; however, there are a few companies in 2019 that set examples for others which are worth mentioning.

A good web hosting company to me is not necessarily the most expensive, nor is it the cheapest hosting company. What makes a good web host is the quality of service, availability of the technical support, staff knowledge, ease of back-end navigation, and up-time. What they charge comes last as you always get what you pay for. Without further ado, let’s get to the best of the bunch first.

The best web hosting companies of 2019

inmotion-logoThe number one on my list is Inmotion Hosting.
Inmotion Hosting is an employee owned and operated company and it shows in the level of service they provide. It wouldn’t be exaggeration when I say that their customer service is the best in industry. Not only they answer phone calls, emails, and chats almost instantly, they truly are helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to their services. For the past three years I exclusively hosted my own sites and client’s sites on Inmotion Hosting servers, and I don’t see myself going anywhere else anytime soon. Inmotion Hosting website:

Inmotion shared hosting prices range from $5.95 to $13.95 a month.
Inmotion managed VPS hosting prices range from $29.95 to $79.95 a month

It is important to know that Inmotion Hosting does not have any coupons, however, they were kind enough to provide exclusive 30% discount (over $50 discount) for my clients and readers which includes a free domain name as well. You can activate the discount by using the following link:

Activate 30% OFF Discount for Inmotion Hosting

hostgator-logoMy second choice and a very popular choice is HostGator Hosting Company. Even though HostGator is part of the infamous EIG Hosting group, somehow they are doing better than rest of their sister companies. HostGator customer service is generally good, they answer phone calls and emails on a very timely manner, and they get a B+ from me. HostGator shared servers are a bit crowded and speed is not their strong suit, but that’s to be expected from a giant company like that. HostGator website:

HostGator shared hosting prices range from $3.95 to $11.96 a month.
HostGator VPS hosting prices range from $19.95 to $209.95 a month.

25% discount coupon code for HostGator: HXK25GATOR

dreamhost-logoDreamhost is a long running hosting company that has become a solid industry leader over the years. Since its inception in 1997, Dreamhost has been a great all around web host and the number of their loyal customers shows that. With more than 1500 servers, state-of-the-art data centers, and a full time staff of more than 100 employees, they host over 1 million domains. Dream host is 3rd on my list because it doesn’t include the ever popular cPanel and their prices are a tad bit higher than their competitors. Also when most find it more secure and better, I find their separate database servers a nuisance on shared hosting. Don’t let my nitpicking deter you though; Dreamhost is a decent hosting company. Dreamhost Website:

Dreamhost shared hosting price is a fixed rate of $8.95 a month.
Dreamhost VPS hosting prices range from $15 to $200 a month.

Exclusive $25 discount coupon code for Dreamhost: DREAM25OFFHOST

linode-logoI would like to give an honorable mention to Linode Hosting Company even though it doesn’t fit into this category. Linode is an unmanaged VPS hosting provider and it certainly isn’t for the average Joe. By taking out the unnecessary bells and whistles, Linode provides probably the best bang for the buck VPS hosting. Not only their prices are lucrative, their customer service is one of the best as well. If you know your way around Linux operating system, and you’re not afraid of the Command Line, give Linode a try and you won’t be disappointed. Linode is a truly outstanding web host. Linode Hosting website:

The worst hosting companies of all time

badGodaddy Inc.

Counting the best is always fun but mentioning the worst is something that many don’t do. When it comes to web hosting, there are a few companies that should be avoided like plague. The top contender and long running worst of the bunch is the friendly neighborhood Godaddy. With its god awful support, long loooooooong waits, crawling-slow shared servers, and advertising-littered website, Godaddy is #1 from bottom of the list.

You could possibly find your way through streets of Beirut easier (with a blindfold on) than trying to find something in your Godaddy account. When a company decides to treat its clients like idiots, up-sell garbage add-ons on every mouse click, and bombard them with unwanted emails, they should be listed on spammers list rather than calling themselves the largest Hosting and Domain Company in the world. Here’s a hint Godaddy; it’s NOT the fine looking babes with big knockers that sell tech products, it’s the service and products you sell.

bad1&1 Hosting

The second #1 from bottom of the list (it’s a tie) is 1&1 hosting and domain company. If I had a choice between dealing with 1&1 hosting, or being paralyzed from forehead down, trapped in a potato sack with a flaming porcupine mauling at my genitals, I would look into the latter option. Not only they have the worst customer service in the world, they run a mafia style business and you are wrong no matter what you do. They deliberately hold your domain and accounts hostage and won’t let you go. They shut down websites on bogus claims, and they’ve managed to build a giant fan base of angry anti 1&1 evangelists.

I could write pages on this terror of a company but a simple Google search should bring out horror stories to keep you terrified until next Halloween. It suffices to say that 1&1 probably has more debt collectors on payroll than server administrators.
What is your experience with these companies? Make your voice heard, leave a comment below.

58 Responses to Top – Best and Worst web hosting reviews of 2019 with coupons

  1. Avatar for Alan Carter Alan Carter says:

    Can I ad another to the long list of poor bad hosting company called Back Moon Hosting based in Yorkshire…its down once more, no way of contacting Black Moon Hosting.
    I understand the servers they use are Yorkshire puddings dipped in super thick gravy and are “Ekky Thumped” by a dedicated team from last of the summer wine.

    Super slow then stops… I should have known as they are based in Yorkshire as the pace is slower and caps larger and the black pudding longer and Black Moon Hosting simply is bad…dare one say “Worse than GoDaddy” now that is an accolade

    Alan Carter CEO of Carter collectables (Black Moon Hosting…drop your servers of to us and we will have Author Negus look at them)

  2. Worst Web Hosting Companies – Fast Server says:

    […] Top – Best and worst web hosting reviews of … – Best and worst web hosts and hosting companies of 2014 with discount coupon codes for the best hosts. Godaddy and 1&1 share the #1 place in worst hosts of all time. […]

  3. Avatar for Felipe Felipe says:

    1and1 is the worst company.
    they support tell me that i am unable to upload mysql database beouse is need root privileges.
    so i have a hosting packge just for websites without databases!!!!

    its incredible


    Thank you for contacting us.

    Unfortunately we cannot import the files using SSH. It would be advisable that to remove the script that is using the or requiring the super privilege. Unfortunately super privilege is only enable on server packages an not for shared hosting.

    If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Alrey Luayon
    Technical Support
    1&1 Internet Inc.

  4. Avatar for CyberKore CyberKore says:

    I agree, Godaddy is absolutly the worst hosting ever, im trying to migrate all my slow websites somewherelse.

  5. Avatar for Duane Nickull Duane Nickull says:

    I hoep MyHosting learns an important lesson from this. Any normal company would have reimbursed a wrongly billed customer. Especially one who never received any value for their $300.

    Don’t use

  6. Avatar for Shehazd Shehazd says:

    you should write about myhosting. they are amazing. best hosting.

    • Avatar for Duane Nickull Duane Nickull says:

      Shehazd, I will guess that since unlike me, you are hiding your real identity, you work for MyHosting. I suspect that you are trying to cover up your company’s incompetence in dealing with customers. Sorry but I will not let this go. MyHosting took money from me wrongly.

      Any company that tries to trick people by using their employee’s to post fake accolades is shameful.

      Everybody else see’s right through it.

      Good luck

      • Avatar for Shehazd Shehazd says:

        No, i’m not working for myhositng. and also not working for anybody.

        i’m a only a student that loves to use the internet. i have got hosting and servers from many companies you think they are good the found out what the triks are that they you to make you think they are good. i’m only telling you the truth about some i know, also i said, how they are with me!

        you are just overreacting for something you could handel much better and also win in it. but as i see, you don’t have any kind of technics in communicating and been on a line in any conversation. i feel like i’m been attacked for telling my opinion.

        you may think again.

        • Avatar for Duane Nickull Duane Nickull says:

          I’m disagreeing with your assessment of something you know nothing about and wondering why you are so keen on defending MyHosting. I get it now – you love MyHosting and believe they are the best host in the world. You spend your spare time writing positive reviews for them (for free) so your glowing love of MyHosting can be shared with all. You are not an employee and only do this out of the kindness in your heart.

          Unfortunately, the rest of the people here have much different experiences than you. MyHosting has partaken in questionable business practices and has unjustly enriched itself at my expense. This has left myself and a lot of others with bad tastes in their mouths.

          As for “but as i see, you don’t have any kind of technics in communicating and been on a line in any conversation.”, Great lord man, I don’t even know where to start!! You win. Disseminating my less than commensurate diatribe has had deleterious and irrevocable reflections on my public stature. I salute your proficiencies at the technical aspects of our language and will strive to ameliorate my grammatical style, albeit somewhat orthogonal to the subject matter.

          My advice to everyone is to avoid MyHosting and use a reputable host instead.

          Good Day Sir!

          • Avatar for Shehazd Shehazd says:

            let me say it again, myhosting is the best hosting!!!
            and let me say this also again, with me!!
            i don’t care who you are and what they have done with you, you are nothing but some internet user.
            i care what they are doing with me, and i like it!
            i’m not english, i’m german and english is my 4th language, so don’t make your self something big, i speak 3 other laguages which you don’t have any idea about.
            and also, i’m gladly doing this for a webhoster who is doing what others aren’t doing for me. and i’m keeping on that.

            and now i’m asking you to shut up.

            a nice day, i wish you that too.

    • Avatar for Duane Nickull Duane Nickull says: sucks! They stole money from me and ripped me off, blatantly.

      No one should ever use MyHosting.

      They are thieves.

      I wrote them and cancelled my service, by email. they replied to my email and acknowledged my cancel. They asked why I was cancelling. I informed them I no longer required any hosting services for the project.

      Behind my back, they billed my credit card for a FULL YEAR. I caught them trying to bill it for another year and asked for my money back. They just told me even though they knew I had canceled, I had to use some uber-secret form (which I could not even access, not being able to log in) to cancel. are criminals. They are scum. I can write this because it is true.

      If they were reputable, they would have done the right thing and reimbursed me, especially given I sent them copies of everything.

      Instead, they chose to play hard ball.

      Well sorry, this comment stays and I will keep correcting your BS every time you try to say something nice about them.

      • Avatar for Shehazd Shehazd says:

        Duane Nickull, the comment’ll stay for sure. and i’m sorry to hear that they did this with you. they are good with me. i never had a problem billing my cards or canceling ( i have canceled few services such hosted exchange and also a vps. and went with only one vps. they did canceled and refund my money back ( 100% ) with only asking why i wish to cancel. i’m now going to renew with me for 3 more years and it goes on.

        that they did this with you, it’s not nice to hear. but, maybe you should read the agreement with every host you make a deal with. some hosts are going to bill anyway for the same period of time you have used them if you didn’t cancel the contract before the ending of the current one with 1 month ( 30 days ). i have this problem with a switch, the domain registrar of .ch and they have renewed many of my domains without me wanting them to do so.
        for your coming deals with host. i do not recomment hosts been reviewed in everyblog. many, many of those blogs are getting paid for the reviews. also myhositng, like every other hositng including inmotion and bluehost are paying.

        for you to fight against any company, and win the fight with them you’ll have to read the legal rights of you in the service they provid. and not! start a deal and cancel it and then be mad why they did what they have told you and you clicked on the “i agree” when you paid them!

        again. there is no perfect company. there are good and bad. it also depends on the staff member responsible for your account.
        bluehost was one of the best, now it’s one of the worst. hostgator the same. godaddy is good for domains not hosting. inmotion is the same as godaddy only hungry to sell. servers are old as everywhere else.

        • Avatar for Duane Nickull Duane Nickull says:


          Why would I bother to do anything else when a staff member acknowledges that I canceled??? I canceled my account and they tried to take yet more money from me.

          Sorry, you sound a lot like a HyHosting employee to me. MyHosting is the worst hosting company I ever dealt with.

          Why are you trying to defend them so much?? Do you work for them?

  7. Avatar for Omar Omar says:

    I woke up on a sunny day found the server DOWN! Nothing working, websites nor emails!
    Sent them a ticket … they replied:
    “The cPanel logs directory was missing which caused cPanel/WHM to not load. I recreated the directory and restarted the service. Now both WHM and websites are loading fine.”
    I checked and found nothing solved, and I started receiving phone calls from clients about their websites and emails.
    I kept contacting them and sending a ticket, shouting and fighting, want anybody to response but they didn’t till the next day!
    They said “I can see that all the home directory of cPanel accounts has been deleted from the server”.
    Well after that we discovered that not only the Cpanel accounts, actually everything deleted including backups and logs!
    All the server disappeared in few hours, Home directory, Logs and Backups!
    I don’t want to tell the tiny details, the screenshots can tell you much so let’s finish this.
    The server deleted, We kept contact them, much support team members, account manager and up to a senior manager with no luck! They said we are responsible for this problem and they have nothing to do!
    They can’t even tell how this disaster happened, can’t restore a backup or even make a recovery!!!

  8. Avatar for Alan Kellogg Alan Kellogg says:

    Don’t forget, GoDaddy domain squats.

  9. Avatar for ahmed ahmed says:

    Hostgator is the worst hosting ever. I don’t recommend it at all. Customer Service is extremely bad. No one answers you before 24 hours and their answers always not clear you feel like a machine is answering you just apologizing and bla bla bla.

    Their servers are very cheep and old. Slow and have lots of problems.

    Don’t ever use it.

  10. Avatar for tennis court diplo tennis court diplo says:

    Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m
    impressed! Extremely helpful info specially the last part :
    ) I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this
    certain information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  11. Avatar for Jay Jay says:

    WEBHOSTINGPAD is by far the WORST web hosting service I have ever experienced!!! I’ve been with GoDaddy, Justhost, Hostgator.. etc, etc….

    For 3 straight days.. they can’t resolve the problem with my site.. it’s very slow and and most of the time it won’t load… I moved the entire site to another hosting via subdomain and it works perfectly well… I’ve was very frustrating dealing with this company..


  12. Avatar for barf on hostgator barf on hostgator says:

    hostgator ought to in the the worst list, had nothing but trouble from them once a site gets of any size, so much for the claim of Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth, and Email, get your website of any size at all nothing but a head ache from the.

  13. Avatar for Duane Nickull Duane Nickull says:

    You also need to know that is the single worst company to operate.
    They epitomize the greedy corporate values of stealing from customers. They have stolen money from myself and others by hiding behind the ability to charge people’s credit cards then make it impossible to reach them to get a refund. can not demand that this notice be taken down because what I write is the truth. I challenge them to deny this (they cannot) because every word is true.

    They will like to you.
    They will make promises then renege.
    They will steal money from you after you have cancelled your account.

    All truths


  14. Avatar for RJ Bryan RJ Bryan says:

    GoDaddy’s Hosting is just dreadful, I glad I found this list. I need something else to reference to when talking about bad web hosting with my students.

    Just curious, why isn’t BlueHost on your list?

  15. Avatar for Judy Burgarella Judy Burgarella says:

    Any comments out there about Bravenet? It was recommended to me by a friend. Aplus has basically shut down my website for over a month now, after countless calls, emails, chats, etc. which told me my site has the “Highest priority.” My website says “Under Construction.” I am not very tech-savvy and believed them at first. I’m heartbroken over all the work and stress ahead of me.

    Thanks to you all for taking the time to post about the reality of this industry and the unscrupulous people working in much of it. But the laughs I got today reading the posts from you guys was surely a bright spot. Some of you should write for comedians!

  16. Avatar for Duane Nickull Duane Nickull says:

    You forgot to add to the worst list. They are truly one of the worst companies I have ever done business with. After I cancelled my account they still billed me. They don’t listen to their customers and are arrogant and uncaring. even GoDaddy would have listened and done something to take care of their customers.

    Avoid at all costs. Let’s all hope this company goes out of business and everyone there loses their jobs.

  17. Avatar for Dale Dale says:

    You think goDaddy is bad? Try I’m thinking of moving to GoDaddy because it sounds like their service and support is better than Crazy Domains! Hows this for a support reply:

    “We are unable to assist with your technical issue at this time. However, if you are unhappy with this outcome, you always have the option of changing to another service provider”.

    LOL I took their advice.

  18. Avatar for SriRanjan SriRanjan says:

    my website which i had 5000 visitors per day, stopped working 1 week ago. contacted 1 and 1 dedicated server support and they told me that was hardware error which will be resolved shortly, then i called them 12 hours later as i did not get any reply from them. Another support assistant told me that was not hardware error but file system error which i have to resolve on my own. i then spent a day and found out that was xen os error which has to be resolved by the server admin. i informed the error that i found for which they said that they will resolve within 24 hours, 24 hours later they sent me an email saying that its a file system error again. i then wanted to backup the data and transfer the domain, friday morning i wanted access the server but it was in maintenance mode. at this point i contacted support asked them why it was in maintenance mode. they said administrator was working on the server to resolve the xen error. i then waited upto friday night and called them again. they said administrators will be working only from monday and they did not want to answer my question. the server is still inaccessible and maintenance mode! i lost my customer confidence and so many other things, how can i sue them??

    • Avatar for K. Plitt K. Plitt says:

      SriRanjan that sounds horrible. Which hosting company was this. Even though it has been months since your post, Please update as to who it was as I would not want to use them. Thanks

  19. Avatar for Parampreet Chanana Parampreet Chanana says:

    I am agree with you about Godaddy is bad hosting, i purchase one year plan for client, they smallest pack they have, in that plan, i was unable to give different different homepages to website. Godaddy wants me use same content in all website hosting in that….

    I forcefully have to upgrade the plan, and then i can use those all websites.

  20. Avatar for peter spears peter spears says:

    I have the task to find a good host in the u.s for my organisation to launch their product in the u.s.a and have to let you know that are by far the worst one i have experienced so far. I went to their website which seemed to lead me in and asked for a price for 30 dedicated servers and 20 website to host them and this was the conversation with some arrogant twat called john: I want top end servers by the way!

    Just to let you know what response i got from them.

    My first concern was I clicked “Technical” on their chat system expecting to talk to someone technical and got “john”.

    Then I clicked on sales and got “John” as well. (this set alarm bells ringing)

    This is how the response went:-

    Mochahost web support – sales
    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with ‘John’

    John: Welcome to MochaHost’s Live Help! How may I help you?

    peter spears: hello, can you give me a price for 30 dedicated servers and 20 domains please

    John: Hello. The prices are shown in our website. There are no discounts for bulk services

    peter spears: ok. then I will use another company

    John: We would have included such discounts if other companies offered such.

    peter spears: well you obviously do not do market research because 1and1 have offered me 2 free servers.

    John: I see. There are many clients migrating their services here from hosting companies that do this

    John: The decision is all yours

    John: Is there anything else I can do for you today?

    peter spears: nope. you obviously do not need the business to turn down 3k + a month. I will contact 1and1 and let them know what you said about them.

    John: We are excited that you are interested in our services. Please notify us if you have any further questions. We are looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

    John: Have a nice day/night!

    Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

    As you can see, if this is their sales practices then can you imagine what their support will be like if “JOHN” is also their technical guy.

    my advice to my CEO: customer services are not to be trusted and their pre-sales support is rubbish. They are off the list and we will not be doing business with them.

  21. Avatar for Foreigner Foreigner says:

    Don’ t use foreign servers, they are totaly ripoff and sucks. Tried few of my country and 2/3 were awefull whyle 1/3 was kinda … kinda ok

  22. Avatar for JJ Spelman JJ Spelman says:

    “Flaming porcupine mauling at my genitals” OMFG I couldn’t stop laughing!!! That is awesome!

    I am now looking for a serious and reputable hosting company. I am sick off HostGator and their security problems, I moved away from GoDaddy years ago, and I don’t like Rochen, period.

    What next???

    • Avatar for Chris Sorbi (Admin) Chris Sorbi (Admin) says:

      Hostgator customer service is going down the tube, I don’t blame you. If you want shared server, Inmotion (Coupon above) is still a decent host, but if you’re not afraid of unmanaged VPS, I highly recommend Linode Hosting. I’m moving all my client’s site there and I have nothing but praise for their customer service and their up time.

  23. Avatar for bob bob says:

    I wouldn’t even recommend Godaddy to my enemies. Worst EVER!

  24. Avatar for jide jide says:

    Hi chris,
    This post has given me confidence on using inmotion.
    I was gonna choose godaddy at first well because I never really understood how the hosting thing works, I just knew it was popular.

    Thank you very much+keep up the good work.

  25. Avatar for Mama Mia Mama Mia says:

    All I can tell you is to stay away from ipage. They have to be the absolute worst web hosting company. In just a few months, when calling they have mentioned in their outgoing message that there are outages. Which of course we have experience too.we have already several times had problems with her email client. We are currently in the midst of that still after 5 days!meanwhile, they have clearly been on ethical by posing several seemingly independent review sites on the web which all have ipage listed as the best hosting company. Obviously, they are not on this list or anyone elses for best web hosting company. Interestingly enough, all of those so called unbiased website reviewers will not let you leave a review. you cannot contact them to find out why it or for any other reason contact them.they have no working phone number. And any email is an inoperable

  26. Avatar for Mark Mark says:

    true true i had tried godady with my first website hackfox then i endup with only instant page while i watch every purchase i ever made turn to ashes ,its painful then i had to try register dot com with my site manyanya but i end up paying 12buck for domain privacy ad 8bucks i cant tell you every thing but i lost nearly 300 bucks just trying to host a perfect website now i regret to trust this scambugs, thats why i have dicide .net .com .org doest matter i have .tk for free and 1 thing is suck i hate it i hosted a website there try to find that site you will hate them the site says ldap does not found lakini template and every thing is fine even when you publish your site it shows that your site have been publish there is so many guys but this company is hell to me

  27. Avatar for jeff williams jeff williams says:

    I can’t agree on HostGator being a good webhost. From my experience over the last 15 years, Hostgator wins the prize for worst webhost ever!

    Here are some fun Hostgator facts:
    1. it took 5 weeks and nine phone calls to move three domain names to their servers. Yes, you read that right, a task that should have taken a couple days at most.

    2. Their shared servers are incredibly slow. Don’t take my word for it, look at the numbers on sites that are not rigged with bogus reviews about hostgator. The uptime of 99% never happens, just use one of the free webhost monitors to see the horrible facts. I had four websites with them and one or another went down every other day! I went from a webhost where my website’s pages loaded in 1-2 seconds, with Hostgator it can be over 20 seconds at peak times!!!

    3. They also forget to tell you when you sign up for the “unlimited” package on a shared server that you can only have 25 users or processes at the same time. This means that if someone is checking their email that’s one process, if someone is accessing FTP that’s another, if someone is on the website- still another. You can do the math from there, IT’S NOT UNLIMITED! What results if you even have normal usage is that users are locked out from email usage, FTP usage, and potential customers are greeted with a domain error.

    4. On top of it all they have the worst support imaginable for anything tougher than an email that won’t work. The party line is to make the customer feel that everything is their fault.
    Do yourself a favor, go elsewhere.

    5. They will also shutdown your SQL database and tell you that too many people are accessing your site when in reality its web crawlers. They had me optimizing my database and recoding the website only for me to find out what the reality was – too many webcrawlers that I had blocked were getting through Hostgators IP blocking app. They have no explanation for this.

    6 Support will ignore your support tickets if they can’t or don’t want to answer your question.


  28. Opencart Review - Best Opensource Shopping Cart eCommerce Software says:

    […] The best web host for Opencart is Inmotion Hosting, as it has a one click install and hundreds of pages of DIY articles on this software as well. Inmotion is my absolute first choice if you want a smooth running shopping cart. Read the best and worst Web host review here. […]

  29. Avatar for UK virtual private server UK virtual private server says:

    Excellent posting. Very rarely does one get as good a set of clear views
    on the website hosting industry. Well Done!
    appreciate the read! Will certainly be back in the future!

  30. Avatar for Tina Tina says:

    I’ve been browsing your website for the last hour – great posts! 😀 I just wanted to ask one question. I’ve been doing some web host research and I agree that InMotion looks to be the best (within its tier). From your (recent) experience, are they still fast? – e.g. page loading speeds etc for photos. Or is it only fast with their more expensive plans?

    thank you in advance! 🙂

    • Avatar for Chris Sorbi (Admin) Chris Sorbi (Admin) says:

      Hi Tina,

      Inmotion is still the best in business and they are still doing great. Their VPS is super sonic and their shared servers are not far behind. Their hardware is the same, regardless of the hosting package so you can expect the same quality on all their packages. Shared hosting by nature is a little slower but nothing that you’d notice. This very website is hosted on Inmotion Hosting shared server.

      Hope this helps.

  31. Avatar for Kurt Francois Kurt Francois says:

    Freehostia is the worst for me. You need to refresh the pages on your website several times before it is loaded correctly. You get 502 or 503 messages: Saying “No server available to handle your request” or “Bad Gateway”. When you email them to report these, they tell you to try later because they are migrating to another server. This is the answer I’m having since Feb 2013 and we are actually in July 2013. One of the thing that made me signed with them initially is that they stated that you get 99.9% uptime. That is completely false. I tried to post on their forum so that they maybe this could change something but they say are they are getting technical issues to accept registration actually and that they will revert back once this is solved. Nobody has reverted back by now and I know what type of response I will have if I decide to open a ticket.

  32. Avatar for Aly Aly says:

    I am so frustrated with
    This was unfair to hide different charges and then customers can’t even cancel the service.
    I was charged for something that I am not using. Very unsatisfying. The “deals” are really not deals but just traps. I am very disappointed. The worst thing is it seems like this company doesn’t really care. And the guy Mark on the phone wasn’t very nice either, at the same time I can’t blame a call-center operator for an unhealthy company.

    • Avatar for Chris Sorbi (Admin) Chris Sorbi (Admin) says:

      Don’t feel bad for yelling at the customer service rep, they CHOOSE to work for a bad company and they know exactly how they are treating you. A good hosting company to me is always judged first by its support. Try any of the hosting companies above and talk to their customer service to see how you like them first.



  33. Avatar for cara minum jus kulit manggis cara minum jus kulit manggis says:

    Having read this I believed it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this
    informative article together. I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and commenting.

    But so what, it was still worth it!

  34. Avatar for Tamanna Tamanna says:

    Square brothers webhost from India is the worst webhost I have ever seen. It is managed by a bunch of morons who never responds to Live Chat and Emails.
    We purchased 1 yr hosting from them but had to shift to other host just after 3 months because of their pathetic service. Every day the site will go off line more than 200 times and gets internal server error about 1000 times per day. Uptime is around 25%
    Note that ours is not a high traffic site. It gets around 1k unique visitors per day. Because of this cheater Square Brothers our site suffered like hell. Google bots had stopped crawling our site because of server failure hundreds of times daily and our ranks dropped.

    People beware of this cheater

    • Avatar for Chris Sorbi (Admin) Chris Sorbi (Admin) says:

      Tamanna, I’ve never had any interactions with Indian Hosts, but you’re better off getting a host in the US as you can at least complain or make them do their job. Prices are the same if not lower.

  35. Avatar for Kyle Kyle says:

    Network Solutions sounds exactly like the blindfolded in beirut GoDaddy review. I feel like I am being assaulted when i use the site. Trying to find a replacement to switch to as we speak.

    • Avatar for Chris Sorbi (Admin) Chris Sorbi (Admin) says:

      I hosted a website with Network Solution 5 years ago, then decided to cancel my hosting a few months later. The customer service rep actually yelled at me for asking too many questions! They won’t see my business ever again. Try Inmotion Hosting, you’ll be happy with them.

  36. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    GoDaddy is definitely the worst web hosting company in world. Their servers run super slow and when you call support they lie to you and tell you that there are no issues with their web hosting. is the worst company that has no business being in business.

    • Avatar for Ken Ken says:

      I had for 5 years. Didn’t know any better, thought this was just the way things go with websites. I switched to Hostgator when I got a notice 5 years into using them that my site was over the 1024 files allowed in any one directory and I had 5 days to move them into separate folders. (had no idea how to do this!) I know they did this because I had a run in with a tech when my site was taking 30 seconds to load or not loading at all for days. I was told the night before it was a known issue on the server and they were working on it. The next morning same issue and I called in and was told there is and never was an issue on the server, and I should look at reducing the image sizes! (this is their go to suggestion all the time.) I told the tech that this was bull….t and I’ve had this issue every 4 months or so with for 5 years. It always wound up be an overloaded sever. (if it was an issue with my site why would a static page load in 1.5 seconds yesterday, 30 seconds for 2 or 3 days then without changing anything suddenly go back to 1.5 seconds. So I asked for a manager and I think I pissed off the tech and he “turned the site in” as having too many files. (the site had 8000 files total when it was allowed to have up to 500,000) When I got the notice to move the 8000 files in to 7 directories I decided to move the whole site to Hostgator. They have no limit on number of files in any one directory. The site loaded twice as fast as it would on even when it was running well. Except for a few minor problems that were quickly resolved it’s been great. Side note, I actually started a thread in our forum back in 2010 called “Site running slow again, thanks Godaddy.” Just so I could document every time this happened so when one tech would tell me it was a server issue and the next day they said it wasn’t I had all this documented. It’s all still on our forum. Last point. I have a sub-domain for our site with an SMF forum. They put the forum on a different server as it was added much later than the main site. Everything was fine then the forum only wouldn’t load. The tech told me that I should delete the whole forum, a years worth of posts and all as it was obviously corrupted and start over. I wouldn’t accept that and finally after days of calling in got a tech who said he would move the forum to a new server for me. Took an hour for him to do it. It ran like lightening right away when it wouldn’t load at all before. Had I not known better I would have lost a year of posts in my forum, uploaded a new generic one and would have had to do all the customizations all over again and wound up with the same problem!

  37. Avatar for Bill Bill says:

    You should mention Webhostingpad in the worst section too. They are not far behind GoDaddy. I’ve never use Inmotion Hosting and i like to give them a try. Do you have coupon for them as well? I don’t see it in your post.

    Thanks, Bill

    • Avatar for Pony Pony says:

      Webhostingpad and GoDaddy are not the worst, at least they don’t trick you with a low initial cost to start up with their hosting service and abduct you later by suspending your account for no reason and ask you to pay more for upgrades like Arvixe.

      Arvixe is the worst hosting! Be careful! Don’t use them or you gonna end up paying more!!!!

    • Avatar for Phil Phil says:

      1&1 Internet was a BIG BIG mistake. In fact being decapitated and being left to rot in a rat infested toilet, does come fairly close to the level of service this company provide. Some kind Gent from this company phoned me for sign up. saying the the monthly bill would be £20 per month. I agreed anyway but then changed my Debit card details , fearing the worst. Since they then tried to remove three months payment from my bank account at once.(Which is something I hadn’t agreed to). They then sent threatening letters every few weeks from a company called Avarto or something, threatening me with debt collectors and saying they would appoint people to obtain entry into my premises to collect goods to the value of three months subscription. They had closed my account after they could not obtain cash from my account.So the most I could have owed would have been owed would have been £10. Still the threatening letters came. So I found out where their offices were,somewhere under the auspices of Thames Valley Police. And reported them to the Police. I still had been held ransom for nearly a year before they begrudgingly sent me a letter to sign over my web hosting to another provider. As a sub sequence I had lost lots of potential business…In short do not EVER EVER even if your life depended on it. Allow this company to service your website.It’ll only end in tears.!

      • Avatar for Wilzer Wilzer says:

        Echo about horrible 1&1. It was not always such, they started with a year free hosting to pump up subscribers and had good support and great pricing. Few quibbles with control panel but learned to adapt and all was happy. Then a couple of years ago, they became robber barons, tried to upgrade my accounts without permission and have been systematically reducing service to the extent that there is no way to back up your website and if you try download by FTP, their system stops the transfer. This could be a royal nightmare for CMS sites where all the data is on the server. So, I’m moving all my stuff.

      • Avatar for Chris Sorbi (Admin) Chris Sorbi (Admin) says:

        I know how it feel Phil, I had a few brush off with them personally and I kept wishing I was dead. Glad to hear that you got your files back at least. Many don’t!

    • Avatar for Chris Sorbi (Admin) Chris Sorbi (Admin) says:

      Hi Bill, As far as I know, Inmotion Hosting never had coupons and if you see a coupon somewhere, it’s not real. I’ve asked for a special discount from them for my clients and readers and I’ve updated the post. You can activate it by clicking the link in the yellow box under Inmotion Hosting review.

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