Website Design for nonprofit organizations & small businesses

Website designWeb design for small business, corporate, and nonprofit organizations’ websites have very unique needs and overlooking these needs is a sure way of failure. A business priority is to make money; it’s as simple as that. A business website is the front door of the organization regardless of its size or capacity, and it should be self sustaining, profitable and the most important of all non-proprietary. That means that a business website should be free of reliance on webmasters, and software companies.

Let me give you an example. Company ‘X’ hires a web developer to create a website for their business. The designer uses a software such as Adobe Dreamweaver to complete the job and the client is happy for a while. A year later, the designer falls off the face of planet, (happens more frequently than you think) and the business is left with a dead website with no one to help at all. In this situation, the client is bound to hire another professional to maintain their site, or shell-out $1800 for the Dreamweaver software, not mentioning the lack of knowledge of using it.

All-in-house web design and development

We are developers and designers, meaning that we write the code, then design the graphics for our own code. Unlike many other companies who hide their codes, and just give access to the front end – what we build is absolutely yours, and when we say that, it means that you are in full control of the site. You can publish pictures, videos, articles, pages, … on your own without any help from the outside. You have the code from the start, and you are entitled to modify it however you want. This system is called Content Management System or CMS.

As a client, you have two choices, either to have the developer design a custom CMS for you or to use an open source web publishing platform. The first option is more expensive and time consuming, and at the end, you require hiring the developer as your Webmaster to maintain his codes. The second option is exactly what you should adopt. We develop websites either way, and to be honest, developing a custom CMS platform is more money in our pocket, and that’s exactly what other developers push you to do.

Choosing a website platform

The best solution  is to use open source platforms such as WordPress. Some of you may have heard the names, and associate them with blogging, but you are overlooking a very important fact. A brush in a hand of an armature is just a brush, but in hands of a professional painter it becomes a tool of art. And that’s exactly what WordPress is. It is free, extremely adaptable, search engine friendly, dynamic, and very simple to use. It’s worth mentioning that if you need it, there are thousands of other WordPress users who can give you a helping hand for free, because those of us who use WordPress do it for the love of it. This is where your business can benefit from cutting cost of maintenance, training, and marketing by one wise decision all at once.

We are offering a complete web package which includes a custom website, custom logo, and custom business card design to top it off. Remember that branding is everything, your card, your logo and the theme of your site should all reflect one thing. With every website, you will also receive complete instruction from us on how to maintain your site and build up more features as you progress. You also have a worry free 1 year support, break it and we’ll fix it.

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