Steve Jobs – For whom the geeks cry!

The “legendary” Steve Jobs packed it in, and sent millions mourning his death. Every media outlet ran a non-stop coverage from his bathroom to his grave, and the world contemplated over his greatness with such amplitude that will be hard to top off. I wonder if the world will ever do the same for real great figures like Nelson Mandela. Maybe it’s worth mentioning to all my Mac-loving friends, that their geek-god was less than a generous figure on any ground when it came to helping others. Under direct order of Mr. Job, Apple eliminated all philanthropy programs. To say that Apple is not known for charity giving is pure understatement, but somehow it never made it to their man-in-the-box commercials.

He oozed smug superiority, lacing his public comments with ridicule of Apple’s rivals, which he labeled as mediocre, evil, and – worst of all – lacking taste. What is Steve Jobs’ legacy? Many to count. He was a bright man who invented a lot of “cool” things, but his real legacy is probably his funeral, where he again captured the world, over absolutely nothing, for triple the price. I bet he’s selling an iphone to Saint Peter as we speak.

Somehow the death of one man is a tragedy, but the death of millions is a statistic.

Steve Job

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