Help for nonprofits with web design, logo, video, and form 1023

Nonprofit helpIf you are a nonprofit organization or starting out, we have many lucrative offers that you won’t find anywhere else. From web design, logo design, and promotional videos to event planning, sponsorship, preparing your IRS 1023 form and financial reports. Please browse through the pages of this site and if any of these services interest you, you can enjoy a ~75% discount on everything. This discount is for those who do selfless work. To qualify for 75% discount on premium services your organization must qualify for tax exemption, or be in the process of attaining tax exemption status.

Note: Religious organizations, hospitals, schools, insurance providing organizations, private foundations, and non US-Based organizations are excluded from this program.

If you are starting a nonprofit organization and need help with applying for tax exemption please read on:

For those of you that are just starting a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we have a separate website that deals with everything you would ever need to complete your IRS form 1023 application for tax exemption. It’s an invaluable resource which took us months to put together and its absolutely free.

Visit the form 1023 help site here