Beautiful Logo Design for nonprofits and small businesses

logo designNothing in marketing is more important than a logo. A good logo should be simple, functional, easy to remember, unique, and represents the message of the entity. A well designed logo means professionalism and trust, while a poorly designed logo can ridicule the company no matter how great of a service or product line it carries. And it all comes down to simplicity. When it comes to logo, less is always more. Take the Coca Cola logo for example. Coca-Cola logo is recognized even under a rock in the Amazon jungle. It’s not elaborate, it’s not fancy, and it only has one color. But this two word cursive line represents the company like nothing else. Coca cola is not alone in keeping it simple but successful.

A good logo should be functional. That means that you should be able to use it in variety of application such as for you website, business card, promotional materials and even motion pictures. Logos with cheesy 3D designs and drop shadows only take away from your credibility. They are almost impossible to use for different applications and the colors have to be changed every time based on the background. Complicated logos take away from your message. The principle of having a logo is not to entertain your audience; it’s to further your company’s message. So if a pretty cursive line doesn’t add anything to the message, it shouldn’t be included. Designing a logo is more than just drawing vectors; it involves knowing why that line should be drawn. Take a look at the following and tell me what you see.

Simplicity and great marketing is all you see. Let me know what you need and I’ll make you a logo that you’ll be pleased with. First we research your company and the demographic of your business (yes, we need to know what your company is about before we even open the Illustrator), then we ask you a million questions and send you the basic draft for your review. Upon your approval, I’ll draw three designs based on the information at hand, and you’ll pick the one that suits you the best.

Here’s a catalog of different looks and mood to give you some ideas. It’ll take a few seconds to load, be patient.

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